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Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing ALSO AVAILABLE
Initial treatment SPECIAL - Fraxel full face session $650

What is Fraxel® Laser Resurfacing? Fraxel® SR Laser is a revolutionary approach to all laser resurfacing procedures. It is used to treat wrinkles, age spots, and melasma from years of accumulated sun-damaged skin. It can treat areas on the face , including around the lips and eyes, and body parts including neck, arms , and hands. It can also be used for acne scars. (Fraxel is not for Active acne breakouts, which we can treat with our IPL/Acne Triple Package) There is no cutting of the skin, so patients can achieve the same positive effects of ablative laser procedures (CO2 and Erbium lasers) and deep chemical peels without the associated “downtime” or potential side effects.

What is the Difference between Fraxel and Fractional CO2 ( aka Mixto laser)? The scientific answer is the Fraxel is an erbium laser, whereas the Fractional CO2 is a CO2 laser. They have different wavelengths. For layman's terms it is best to think of the fractional CO2 as a more aggressive treatment , therefore 1-2 sessions are all that is required with 4-5 days downtime. The regular Fraxel usually requires 3-5 sessions with 1-2 days downtime. Darker skin types are best treated with the regular fraxel , whereas  lighter skin  can be more aggressively treated with Fractional CO2.






       “milder treatment”


    More aggressive treatment



       Usually 3-5 sessions


         1-2 sessions only



         1-2 days downtime


          4-5 days downtime

Pain level


          Mild discomfort


          Minimal discomfort



 Safe for all skin including  dark types



Safe for Asian skin or  Lighter skin types                

FDA Approval


Wrinkles, acne scars, discoloration  



Wrinkles, acne scars , discoloration

How does Fraxel® work? Think of pixels in a photo when you think of Fraxel® Laser Treatment (FLT). If you look at a newsprint photo up close, you'll see that the image is actually comprised of thousands of tiny spots of ink. Similarly, FLT produces thousands of tiny treatment zones on skin, known as MicroThermal Zones (MTZs), in the emerging science of Fractional Photothermolysis. The spared healthy tissue between treatment zones contains viable cells that promote rapid healing of the outer skin layers. Thus, FLT strives to achieve the skin improvements obtained with conventional CO2 laser resurfacing but without the associated side effects or downtime.

When Can I return to my Daily Activities? FLT offers the benefits of speedy healing and minimal to no downtime. Side effects are minimal and typically involve swelling and redness. Mild swelling should subside within a day or so, and redness usually fades over several days. Patients can apply make-up immediately after treatment and return to routine activities. There is limited, if any, risk of infection or scarring. No oozing or crusting has occurred as with other ablative technology.


How Many Treatments Do I need? You will see improvements with each treatment session. Clinical studies suggest that 3-5 treatments spaced about 14 to 28 days apart produce a gradual remodeling of dermal matrix components, until complete healing occurs and "good" material that contains collagen and elastin replaces old epidermal and dermal tissue. Over a period of 1-3 months, clinical improvement in photo-aged skin correlates with dermal repair and positive skin changes


Does it Hurt? Treatment is well tolerated and feels like a prickling sensation. A topical anesthetic ointment is applied prior to treatment to allay any discomfort.

When will I see results? After your very first Fraxel®Laser Treatment, you will begin to feel the difference in your skin, as it gradually becomes softer, smoother and fresher. Fine lines around your eyes and mouth will noticeably fade. So will uneven coloring and the brown spots caused by aging and sun exposure.

What is a mini Fraxel treatment? A mini Fraxel is a more gentle laser treatment with no downtime. It is intended to act like a much more powerful  and more cleansing microdermabrasion or superficial chemical peel. The laser penetrates deeper skin layers  than a microderm but not as deep as a regular fraxel treatment. This will rapidly turnover skin cells for a glowing complexion, improvement in tone,texture and pore size. You can go to work the following day. The treatment is NOT recommended to correct issues that regular Fraxel  or Fractional Co2 sessions can accomplish such a wrinkles, lines, acne scars or moderate discoloration. No set number of treatments required, priced at $400 a session

What is a Fraxel Facial? $199

A superficial chemical peel or microdermabrasion followed by a light exfoliating with Fraxel laser. Treatment time is 20 minutes done for exfoliation, skin cell turnover and glowing complexion. No downtime, no topical anesthesia required.$199/session

How much does a Regular Fraxel cost?

Fraxel Cost:

A Full face treatment: $850 a session. Cheeks only $500 per session (i.e.common location of acne scars). 

Hands: $ 450 per session
Neck: $ 650 per session
“Mini” Fraxel: $400 per session
Some treatments can be “pro-rated” if smaller areas need to be treated

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing Cost:

Face $2500, second session ( if desired) $1800,                                                                                                                   Neck $850, Hands $650, Decolletage $1200. Combined areas receive discount

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What products can be used in addition to Fraxel treatments?

We suggest you apply a high SPF sunscreen containing UVA and UVB protection over all treated areas daily. For your convenience , we carry SkinCeuticals’ Sheer Physical UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 50 containing zinc and titanium for maximized protection. For maintenance, we suggest the use of Advanced Pigment Corrector. The corrector will work in conjunction to your laser treatments to fade stubborn discoloration, enhance resistance to new pigment, and improve luminosity for renewed radiance. Ask our staff for more information on our SkinCeuticals line and to receive a FREE VISIA digital skin analysis valued at $100.

Treatment of Sun-Damaged Skin

Treatment for Crow’s Feet & Under Eye loose skin/wrinkles

UNTREATED EYE                                   TREATED EYE Mixto CO2

Treatment of Acne Scarring


Melasma/Hyperpigmentation Treatment


Treatment of Hands/Age Spots


Neck Treatment

WATCH MIXTO /Fractional CO2 Video treatment



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