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Laser Liposuction

50% off 2nd Treatment area

Abdomen treatments are divided into 3 possible continuous areas (Upper,Lower and Sides), which already receive a combined discount over 50%, When treating additional areas such as abdomen and arms, the arms will be 50% off. You can call our office (202)621-8675 for an approximate price range estimate

We are the first physician-owned practice in Washington DC Metro area to offer SlimLipo laser liposuction.

What  is the SlimLipo Procedure?  SlimLipo combines liposuction with laser treatment to tighten the skin and remove fatty tissue.  Performed in our surgical office setting, NO general anesthesia is required as the patient remains awake and with minimal discomfort during the treatment session.  Dr. Varano uses local or tumescent anesthesia, by infusing a lidocaine mixture, then inserts the laser into a few small incisions smaller than the width of a pencil. The laser then not only liquefies and removes surrounding fatty tissue, but also helps tighten the surrounding skin, which differs from traditional liposuction.  Treatments times range between 2-3 hours. Since sutures are not required once the treatment is completed there are no disfiguring scars where the procedure was performed.

How effective are the Results?  Results usually can be dramatic. Dr Varano may spend additional treatment time as more energy produces more skin tightening & fat melting which generally renders better results

What areas can be treated?  Typical areas are abdomen, love handles, hips, inner and outer thighs, upper or lower back, neck/chin, and upper arms. The laser treatment can also be used to permanently treat excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis).The  abdomen typically has 3 main areas: Upper, lower and flanks (love handles) as pictured below:

                                                   BEFORE                                             AFTER


Who are the best candidates?  Even though up to 10 pounds can be removed, best candidates are those people who are close to their ideal body weight, and have stubborn areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. BMI ( Body Mass Index below 33). If your BMI is too high we may suggest our medical supervised diet.

What is the downtime/recovery period?  Most patients can return to work in 2 days. Because the laser heats the skin and tumescent anesthesia is utilized, there is less bruising than traditional liposuction.  Swelling usually subsides within a week.  No sutures are required as the skin heals by a natural process.  You may feel sore, but most individuals use over the counter pain analgesics for recovery (Tylenol). You will be fitted with a compression garment to wear for the first week, and will be asked to avoid strenuous activity for several weeks.

When will I see results?  Depending which area(s) is treated, you will notice an improvement of the skin  and contour of your body shape after the swelling subsides. In general,  just a few weeks after the treatment there will be a noticeable change. Improvements will  continue to  get better with each passing week over the first  6 months.

What Should I look for when deciding on a particular medical practice?
  First if you can not find the physicians name on the website, this is your first mistake. We take pride in our work and do not hide from potential clients. You can search out our  testimonials CLICK HERE. Dr Varano's  years of experience and more than a thousand  treatments, you will easily recognize. 

 Second,  you should have your consultation & assessment done by the treating physician.  Not a member of a sales staff. Remember sales staffs are paid "to sell". Here you will meet with Dr Varano, and you and he can decide if this is the best treatment option for you. We offer non invasive alternatives and  meeting expectations and goals is of vast importance. 

Third, there are many types of lasers available, and slimlipo has evidence based proof of it superior results. 

Last, pictures are worth a thousands words, see our before and afters below. During your consultation, we can show you additional before and after pictures of patients similar to your body habitus and age.

Are The Results Permanent?  Fats cells are permanently removed.  If you continue with a sensible diet and exercise regimen results are permanent. If you gain excessive weight, the remaining fat cells can enlarge and may redistribute over the body.

Why is SlimLipo superior to other laser lipolysis  systems available?  There are advantages over other laser lipolysis systems:

  1. optimal dual wavelength  technology.  SlimLipo Laser system utilizes laser light at 2 different wavelengths (924nm, & 970 nm) which are more specific for fat cells.  Other available laser lipolysis systems wavelengths absorb more water (18 times more) than fat. Therefore they only  “break apart” fat cells, whereas the SlimLipo system more specifically targets and “melts” fat cells like butter. This is advantageous when treating average to larger areas, and less manual manipulation is needed, which allows for more fat removal and quicker recovery times. Before the advent of SlimLipo, Dr. Varano trained in 2007 on the first available laser lipolysis systems, which he felt were inferior to this current technology. Because laser lipolysis was in its early discovery period just a few years ago, the ideal wavelength for fat cells was not fully recognized. Since the advent of SlimLipo we now can specifically target the fat cells which permit larger volumes and easier removal during a treatment.



What are the advantages of SlimLipo versus traditional liposuction? 

Laser Liposuction

Traditional liposuction

Local anesthesia ( much safer)

General anesthesia (more potential risks)

Tightens and smoother skin

Less skin tightening, skin irregularities

Less bruising, quicker recovery

Longer recovery period

No sutures or disfiguring scars

Sutures, drains, disfiguring scars possible

 Can I have SlimLipo if I have had previous liposuction?  Yes, a patient who has had previous liposuction can be treated with SlimLipo and expect to see additional benefits.


How Do I set up an appointment, what are the costs associated with the treatment?  All consults and treatments are with Dr Varano, consultations are FREE of charge and can be done at any of our locations. All treatments are performed at our main office 2311 M Street , Washington DC. You may call (202) 621-8675 for approximate costs for particular area(s) and to schedule an initial consultation.


Thank You Dr Varano!!!, You have never over promised and have always produced results that are beyond my expectations. I lost 4 dress sizes since the Laser Liposuction 5 weeks ago and have absolutely no residual effect. I had a smooth transition back to work 2 days later. There was no discomfort and I’ve had a radical difference in my ability to exercise. I’ve had a good experience going back to the gym and don’t feel like everyone is looking at me. This provided the improvement on body areas where diet and exercise were just not enough.  C.S.


Watch the Video of a SlimLipo procedure performed by Dr. Varano:

Before & After Abdomens and Love handles:

Abdomen of above patient in video (photos by Drew Varano, MD)



Before & After 10 weeks treatment ( lost 5-7 inches) by Drew Varano MD


Frontal Abdomen and flank treatment 1 week after Slimlipo treatment by Drew Varano MD


Side Profile 1 week after Slimlipo treatment with Dr Varano


Before and After Abdomen and flanks 6 months treatment Drew Varano MD


Before & After 8 weeks Treatment by  Drew Varano MD



Male Abdomen & flanks treatment by Drew Varano MD








                              Arm 4 days later treatment  by Drew Varano MD                           


                 Arm 10 days later treatment  by Drew Varano MD


Arm Treatment 6 weeks later


Arm  BEFORE                    10 days later                       2 months after
               Drew Varano MD                 


                     SADDLEBAGS/OUTER THIGHS








BACK/BRA FAT treatment by Drew Varano MD






Neck  (courtesy of Phillip Craft M.D.)

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