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Learn 3 different ways to improve and contour your body fat and muscle, surgically or non surgically. Fill out the form below to Save over $1000 on a Coolsculpting package or get 50% second area of Liposuction! Request a Quote with office or home virtual consult from our Dr Drew.

1) Coolsculpting 
2) Laser Liposuction 
3) Cooltone for building MUSCLE*

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before and after coolsculpting on flanks
*individual results may vary
1 round Lower abdomen & flanks coolsculpting
1 round Lower abdomen & flanks *individual results may vary


Non surgical can reduce fat a FDA approved non invasive treatment to freeze away fat cells. A suction cup like applicator is placed over the tissue for 35-45 minutes and causes 25% of the subcutaneous fat cells to die with results apparent at 6-12 weeks later .The treatment is comfortable and many patients watch tv or talk on their cell phones while the treatment is performed

What areas can be treated? Abdomens, love handles, hips, inner and outer thighs, bra rolls, arms, chins are some of the main areas treated

Who is a candidate? Coolsculpting is ideal for individuals close to their ideal body weight with little bulges, larger individuals may want a second round of treatments

What's the price? For proper fit most treatments involve the "Regular" size applicator $600/site which is 3 x 7 inches.... approximately the
size of a large iPhone 7plus or the large Android phones. This will usually cover each lovehandle, upper abdomen/ some lower abdomens, inner thighs, back of thighs, arms, knees, bra/back areas. (Most treatment areas will have 2 sites for example: a right lovehandle and left lovehandle, so $1200 for both) a larger applicator can be used for the lower abdomen which is approximately the size of 2 regular applicators but has a higher price point. For packages of 8 we offer over $1000 savings. For more info and photos click here

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Liposuction abdomen,flanks & Bra roll
Liposuction abdomen,flanks & Bra roll performed by Drew Varano MD
Liposuction on man
Liposuction by Drew Varano MD. individual results may vary

Awake Laser Liposuction

in-office surgical can reduce fat

... including regular liposuction is Performed in our surgical office setting, NO general anesthesia is required as the patient remains awake (or under light sedation) and with minimal discomfort during the treatment session. Dr. Varano uses local or tumescent anesthesia, by infusing a lidocaine mixture, then inserts the laser into a few small incisions smaller than the width of a pencil. The laser then not only liquefies fatty tissue, but also helps tighten the surrounding skin. Treatment times average 2 hours. Most people return to work 2 days later. Since sutures are not required, once the treatment is completed there are no disfiguring scars where the procedure was performed. In general 60-80% of the subcutaneously fat is removed and results can be dramatic and noticeable in 1-2 weeks

What areas can be treated? Typical areas are upper & lower abdomen, love handles, hips, inner and outer thighs, upper or lower back, neck/chin, and upper arms.

What does it cost? Prices depend on areas treated and BMI, but average about mid $4000’s for abdomen & flanks . 50% discounts for additional areas

Who is a candidate?
Liposuction is best for individuals who have diffuse amounts of fat covering multiple body areas, BMI below 33. Obviously every individual is different and he/she must choose which is the best fit for their goals, lifestyle, budget, etc. Here at Medical Cosmetic Enhancements we seek to achieve your goals. We offer several ways to treat your stubborn fat and ultimately you will come up with a potential treatment plan with Dr. Varano after your consultation. If you are not a candidate for any numerous possible reasons as previously mentioned, we will let you know that during the consultation and alternative surgical or non-surgical treatments may be suggested.
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* individual results may vary

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cooltone abs
*individual results may vary
Cooltone- Dr Varano  Medical Cosmetic enhancements
*individual results may vary


Non surgical can BUILD MUSCLE

CoolTone device is the newest in non-invasive body sculpting gaining FDA clearance in 2019. It has been clinically proven to increase muscle mass and reduce fat for the abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs, and it is Pain Free!! We are the first practice in Washington DC to have the CoolTone device will be available to only a limited number of practices in the United States in late 2019. Cooltone uses high-powered coil electromagnetic stimulation applicators to induce nerve action potential depolarizations for supramaximal contractions in muscle tissue resulting in increase muscle mass and strength. The frequency of muscle contractions produced by Cooltone are at a supernatural level that cannot be achieved by normal exercise. We recommend the treatment for "athletic toned individuals" who want more definition and tone.

CoolTone can build and tone muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs. During a Cooltone treatment, an applicator is used to deliver energy to contract the muscle tissue. Approximately 25,000 supramaximal muscle contractions will occur during a single session. During treatment, the muscles respond to this intensity and begin to remodel and develop muscle tissue, similar to intense exercise. The process allows patients to receive natural looking tone and contours without a surgical procedure. Typically the best results are obtained with four 30 minutes treatments. each applied  twice a week for two weeks. Results can be maintained with a single session every few months.*

* individual results may vary

cooltone by coolsculpting

In Summary

Coolsculpting is best suited for fat bulges and is not a substitute for liposuction. We generally recommend it for individuals with a BMI <27, and a few trouble spot areas. For larger individuals Coolsculpting can be used for "Lipo-Like" results but will generally require multiple treatment sessions.

Below is a comparison of Coolsculpting vs Laser Liposuction when treating a full abdomen (both Upper and Lower abdomen) and Flanks:*

Coolsculpting Liposuction
(laser included)
What it does? Removes 20-25% subcutaneous fat non invasively by freezing it (cryolipolysis). Best for localized bulges resistant to diet and exercise. Removes larger volumes of fat 60-80% anywhere on the body. Best for removing diffuse areas of fat.
Surgical or
Non-Surgical Minimally invasive surgery
Anesthesia Type None/in-office Local (awake)/in office
Procedure Time 35-45 minutes per area 1-3 hours
Areas Treated Abdomen, flanks, arms, thighs, back, bra roll, double chin Abdomen, flanks, arms, thighs, back, bra roll, neck & elsewhere
Downtime None: can exercise the same day 1-2 days: light exercise one week later
Results Appear 6-12 weeks 2 weeks
Number of Treatments Low BMI (<25) typically 1 session. Higher BMI (>25) 2+ sessions 1 session
Cost $$ $$$

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About Dr. Varano

Doctor Varano

Dr Drew Varano has performed over 2500 surgical liposuction cases , he served as a luminary physician for Palomar Laser company since 2007. This includes teaching other physicians about the safe and effective uses of Slimlipo Laser Liposuction. Dr. Drew Varano has been featured in several TV programs focusing on the latest laser and non invasive technology such as FOX, CBS, AND ABC News, Retirement Living TV & Today's Health. He has served as a consultant for USA Today News.

Dr. Drew Varano has been associated with the Washington DC area since his undergraduate studies at Catholic University. After obtaining a Master's degree at Georgetown University, Dr. Varano attended medical school at Penn State College of Medicine. He completed residency at Medstar Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore and did an additional year of Neurology training at Georgetown University. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and a Member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery. Dr Varano also served as a department head at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington DC. He is licensed to practice Medicine and Surgery in Virginia, and DC. Dr Varano started Medical Cosmetic Enhancements in 2003 and has been practicing cosmetic and aesthetic medicine exclusively since 2003.