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Our Philosophy

Here at Medical Cosmetic we take pride in our work, ethics and relationships with clients. Running a cosmetic practice not only entails performing procedures, but also evaluating each patient to see what are their goals, desires and expectations. We will provide you an honest and direct approach. We want to keep your expectations modest and content on results. Some individuals may have expectations that are unrealistic or too excessive. If we decipher that we cannot achieve what one expects, we will explain what can and cannot be achieved. 

You will not meet any “Sales Staff” here, we are not here to sell you anything. We may make suggestions, but it is your option if you want to pursue any treatment regimen. We usually run on time, and you will find you will not have to wait more than 15 minutes. On occasion we may be behind, whether it was due to a previous patient was running late to delay the schedule, keep in mind we are a medical office and sometimes a patient may require some extra attention. . I frequently tell patients we cannot treat 3 things 1) Dark circle under the eyes, 2) stretch marks and 3) neck lines. No matter what they hear advertised elsewhere, there are no consistent and effective treatments for these conditions. I would rather not treat someone, then have them spend fees on something that is minimally effective or not effective at all. 

We perform over 5000 treatments a year. The vast majority of people are pleased with their outcome, naturally with this many treatments we may on rare occasions have a sub optimal outcome.We take each treatment “case by case”, and try to make everyone pleased and happy. The practice of medicine is not an exact science as every individual is unique. A medication that works well for your family member or friend may have no effect on you. Since we do not have a crystal ball to predict who will respond in what fashion, occasionally we may encounter such a case. 

Though we receive many compliments, nice letters and positive reviews, occasionally we will have a negative review posted on the internet. We go to extensive lengths to try and make everyone happy, but no-one can make everyone happy. Many review sites are skewed as happy people have no incentive to post or write a review, mostly disgruntled clients will use the internet to express their opinion. Yelp will filter out positive reviews and post mostly negative ones. You can check at the bottom on any business review page and click “filtered reviews” to see for yourself. I included a copy of the reviews that Yelp has filtered click here. For a more accurate unbiased account, Livingsocial asks their clients to rate their experience. To date we have received 94% “thumbs up”.*

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